The Long Anticipated Pottery Mug Wall

     I just have to share with you my excitement in finally having a dedicated wall space to display my collection of handmade pottery mugs. I've lived in this house for a few years, and throughout that time, it's bothered me that the mugs I've so carefully chosen or made have been hidden away in a kitchen cabinet. Now I get to enjoy looking at them each time I put the kettle on to make a cup of tea or as a piece of art on my wall each time I glance into the kitchen.

My display is ever changing. As soon as I pull one mug off the wall to use, I replace it with another from the cabinet. That way I get to enjoy all my mugs equally. I do want to give a shout out to the artists who have created some of the mugs in the featured photo; on Instagram are @juliewigginspottery, @suetirell, @marthagrover, @organicallythrown, @thelionpotter, and @ronphilbeck. The remaining potters are Daniel Marley of Hickory Hill in Seagrove, NC, Martindale also from Seagrove, NC, and a woman who signed her work only as Gail from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Oh, and me! I thank all of you for the joy your pieces bring to my many cherished cups of tea. 

This past Friday a long time friend from Connecticut came to visit, and she too is a tea enthusiast and lover of handmade pottery. After dinner I offered a cup of tea. When I showed her the display of pottery mugs on the wall, she was thrilled to personally choose which mug would hold her cup of tea. The cup is such an intimate and integral part of our lives and yet we forget to honor it in the way it should be honored. But she did honor the cup she chose that night and it made me feel extremely satisfied that I had thought of the pottery mug wall in the first place.

Fast forward to yesterday when I discovered a box had been delivered to the house. I didn't order anything so was super curious about the contents. There were no identifiable markings as to the origin which made me wonder all the more. I opened the package to discover a lovely purple and silver fabric gift bag with a fabulously illustrated box that opens into an Advent calendar. And guess what the calendar yields each day for 24 days leading to Christmas? TEA! It was a gift from the very same friend who I shared tea with Friday night. In that moment I felt all was right with the world.

So here's to friendship, handmade pottery mugs and tea! Cheers! 


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  • I love the simplicity of this story. The simple things that bring such joy!! And the friends who warm our hearts. I will now be searching for my own pottery mug wall :) thank you for sharing such a wonderful story !


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